2014/2015 CONTRACT FOR
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*Rates, Dining Dollars, and Bonus Meals are per semester.

 If no semester is specified, the current semester will be understood.

Terms and Conditions
The University of North Dakota offers to furnish board in consideration of payment of the fee in effect during the contract period.
1.The 2014 Fall Contract period starts with brunch on August 23, 2014 and ends with lunch on December 19, 2014; excluding Thanksgiving Day, (November 27). The 2015 Spring Contract begins with dinner on Sunday, January 11, 2015 and ends with lunch on Friday, May 15, 2015; excluding Spring Break (March 14-21).
2.The above stated amount shall be billed to the contract holder's University account to the selected term per semester. This contract shall be cancelled if the contract holder has not registered or has withdrawn from the University prior to the start of the contract period.
3.The Block Meal Plan is a declining plan that runs from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester. The Block Meal Plan is not restricted by meal zones and does not reset each week.
4.The Block Meal Plan meals can be redeemed at the three dining centers, Wilkerson, Squires, and Terrace; the To Go Cafe's, and Wing's Cafe. Board meals are non-transferable. Holiday-related and other closings are posted at each dining center. Hours of operation can be found at http://www.dining.und.edu.
5.Dining Dollars can be redeemed at any Dining Services location: U-Snack, Walsh, and Wilkerson Convenience Stores; Stomping Grounds Memorial Union and Stomping Grounds University Place Coffee Shops; Old Main Marketplace Food Court; Wings Cafe and Medical School Snack Bars. A ten percent (10%) discount is applied to the purchase of meals with Dining Dollars at the dining centers only.
6.Bonus Meals can be redeemed at the three dining centers, Wilkerson, Squires and Terrace; the To Go Cafe's, Wings Cafe and Old Main Marketplace Food Court.
7.The unused balance of dining dollars, board and bonus meals on the last day of the semester are forfeited.
8.Redemption of meals requires a current machine-readable University of North Dakota identification card. Replacement cards are available at the U Card office.
9.Board contract change dates can be found at http://www.dining.und.edu. Posted notices in the dining centers will serve as official notice regarding where and when to apply.
10.Requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Director of Dining Services, located at 3625 Campus Road during the board contract change period (see item #9 for where dates can be found). Credits for the unused meals and dining dollars are applied to the contract holder's University account.
11.All Terms and Conditions of this Off Campus Block Meal Plan Contract can be found at http://www.dining.und.edu.

I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of this legal contract